Escape in Time is an entertaining puzzle-based live escape game; a new form of entertainment, designed for small groups of 2-6 players.

The goal is simple: escape from the room or series of rooms in 60 minutes using only the mind, logic and teamwork, solving all the puzzles and mysteries. Your team is locked in a custom built, challenging and entertaining environment to solve the many mysteries, puzzles and challenges to find the final key. In 60 minutes, families, friends or co-workers will have to unite into an efficient team to discover the hidden clues, objects and codes to reach the goal and escape from the room!


During the game your team members quickly & playfully assign their own roles & responsibilities while indirectly practising both individual & team thinking. For a successful escape you will only need the power of teamwork and brain and common sense. This game does not require any strength or physical force. In order to escape you have to use everything you find, only once and only for one purpose. No outside assistance such as mobile phones is allowed and would not help anyway… We will not leave you and your team alone completely. You will have the chance to ask for help. We will follow your progress via cameras, and we will give you a hint if you happen to get stuck. In case of emergency you can stop the game. You can stop and decide to leave at any time during the game. If you are destructive and intentionally break our props we will stop the game immediately and no refund will be given, and you may be required to pay for damage done. So please, respect the ‘no force’ rule as it is absolutely not necessary in order to progress through the game.


The door closes behind you it’s time for the “escape games” to begin. As the clock begins its countdown, the reality of the situation starts the adrenaline pumping. Total immersion! You’ve got one hour to work out what is in here, and how it can help you and your team escape. With multiple rooms, completely immersive set design, fiendish mysteries, and authentic atmosphere combine to create the most realistic locked room escape challenges in the country. Designed to thrill, each game is spectacularly imagined down to the last detail. Our rooms are created by professionals in the Escape Room world, engineers and puzzle masters (yes they do exist).

Look closely. Everything is important.

Crack codes. Retrieve lost items. Solve riddles. Reveal hidden doors. Escape in Time incorporate mental, physical, and behavioural enigmas. Think out of the box, rules may not apply here, work as a team, communicate and above all stay calm and have fun. If you can reach it and it does not have a ‘don’t touch’ sticker’ then its part of the game. Don’t rip or pull or throw things on the floor to pry them open – all our puzzles require mind force not physical force.

Ultimately, the only thing you know for sure is that the clock won’t stop ticking, no matter how long it takes you to gather clues.! Thrilling, completely convincing, Escape in Time sets the standard for other escape rooms.

Will you succeed to escape in 60min and be part of the Escape in Time CLUB or will you slink away knowing you could have done better ….. next time perhaps?